Monday, December 17, 2012

Around Christmas Details...

Здравейте всички! 
Времето навън е направо вълшебно! Вали най-красивият сняг на едри снежинки, които най-после се задържат и създават бяла покривка :)
Напоследък нямам време за много снимки, но сега споделям с вас някой нови неща.... любимите ми декорации на Коледа, няколко нови попълнения в гардероба, един набързо заснет аутфит и няколко детайла от последните дни :)
Желая ви прекрасен Коледен дух!


Hello everybody!
The weather outside is a pure magic! Right now are snowing beautiful snowflakes which finally hold on the ground creating the most amazing white cover :)
Lately I don't have much time for shooting, but this will change very soon! Now I am showing you a few new stuff... my favourite decorations for Christmas, a few new-ins in my closet, one fast outfit and a few details from the last days :)
I wish you lovely Christmas spirit!

My new H&M tunic! I love the meterial so much <3

One very quick outfit :)

My special Christmas corner :)

The most beautiful orchid from my boyfriend <3

 One year together <3

My mum's new shoes, which we made a deal to share! :D (Aren't they lovely?)

 My new Aztec print phone case from eBay :)

He is always in such a hurry!

 The back of my new dress which you will see very soon in outfit for a Christmas party :)
Yes, I finally made up my mind what I will wear :D

 The top of my little Christmas tree :) I like it more than a star :)

 Always makes me smile :)

My new ring from eBay :)

The little angel Effy - a gift from my love an year ago :)


  1. really love your gold top...
    and the bunny is so sweety ^^
    kiss and have an happy start of week

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  2. Congrats and you look lovely! Thanks for coming by, would you like to follow each other?

  3. I want that tunic too!!!!

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  4. I love rabbits!!!! Yours is so cute... I would love to have one like your <3


  5. awww you have a bunny. he's sooo cute :D! and the orchid! one of mine just died :D. and the tunic looks awesome. I have to visit h&m. Love the post :D!

  6. Love your pics and on top of all your bunny, bunnies are my fave pets ever, I miss mine so much ! Following you back on GFC and Bloglovin =) Kisses

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  7. mice pics!

  8. LOVE this tunic, SOOO cute and perfect for the holidays! I followed you by the way :)

  9. What wonderful pictures! Love, love your dress.

  10. Love your look and all those beautiful photoes!

    Would you like to follow each other?


  11. Love your dress and beautiful pictures!
    You're magnificent!

  12. Perfect, perfect, perfect !!
    We loove it , come and check our latest posts by the way, we can follow each other if you want ;)

    Afaf & Marwa

  13. Your bunny is so cute and I love these pictures :)

  14. Such a cool phone cover!! And the decorations are lovely!


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