Monday, September 24, 2012

Beige Dress

 Днешния ден беше страшно забързан и чак сега имам малко време да седна и да публикувам няколко снимки от днешния аутфит! Оказа се, че тези обувки колкото и удобни и красиви да са, са страшно неудобни за каране на кола! :D Но за това пък винаги мога да шофирам боса... :D А тази прекрасна рокля е това, което наричам Перфектно за Есента и съм влюбена в нея :)

This day was very fast and furious and only now I have a little time to publish a few pictures from today's outfit ! It turns out that these shoes, no matter how comfortable for walking and beautiful they are, are very uncomfortable for driving! :D Anyway... I can always drive barefoot... :D Ant that lovely dress is what I call Perfect for Fall and I am inlove with it :)

And now the BIG NEWS!
I decided to place my firts Giveaway! 
This will happen when my followers turn 200! Then the next post I publish will be the Giveaway post!
I promise you that you will like my present for you :) 

xoxo, Press

Dress: Tatu
Blazer: Bershka
Shoes: Daris
Bag: Pepe Jeans


  1. you look sooo pretty <3 love the beige on you! the black on top is definitely the way to go :) fabulous!

    Alexa <3

  2. Great studded items:) you look beautiful!

  3. Such gorgeous detail to your dress! Obsessing over your shoes! :)

  4. I like the beige theme! It really elongates the body and flatters any figure :)
    I am looking forward to find out about your give away :)

  5. Love the bag!
    Thanks for the sweet comment =)

  6. You-re so cute, I love the outfit! I am your new follower from Rome.

  7. Hi Preslava thanks for stopping by my blog dear, Like the bag and dress, of course we follow each other, I start hope you do the same!!
    Kisses from Perú

  8. i like it a lot! works great on u

  9. Lovely dress! You look so pretty! :)

    xo - Sheila

  10. Outfit is so lovely! I like combo of black jacket and light dress!

  11. the beige dress is so lovely! love the cut-out design on it :)

  12. Thank you for coming to our blog and your comment!
    Of course, we can follow each other!!
    I'm gonna follow and hope you gonne follow us back:)

  13. thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment! would love to follow eachother and im now ur newest gfc follower :)

    XO Meghan

  14. Thank you for your notice and following us!
    Look forward to see your next updating:)

  15. I am number 199, now you need one more! :)
    I love your hair, but the photos are too dark and I can't see your outfit very well. It seems like your dress is lovely beige and in that case you can't go wrong with the black blazer.
    I am looking forward to your giveaway and I'll hope it'll be worldwide open. :)
    I will also post my first giveaway soon. :D

  16. I am the number 200 jajaja I follow you, follow me please!!!
    Nice post


  17. Cute outfit! Love the blazer, and those shoes are awesome :)

    <3 Josephine

  18. Congrats on hitting 200 followers,cant wait to enter the giveaway! What an outfit,gorgeous and those shoes are totally worth the pain,when driving in them.
    Thanks so much for your lovely comment,hope your well and had a wonderful weekend x

  19. wow, super!

  20. Hi Preslava! Thank you for following me ;) I like your blog too =) good job ! =)

  21. Thanks for stopping by! Very pretty dress! I am your newest follower ;)



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