Saturday, August 25, 2012

  Hey you all! I had a great day even though it was a busy one! Me and my parents started our family trip and today is the first day of our travell. And despite all of this I still had time to make my nails! It is all about my new love - Neon colours <3

   And also I had time to do a little shopping with my mother! I am happy to say that I found my dream boots, the one that I had in my wish list. Beautiful job from United Colors of Benetton :) I really can't wait to start wearing them :D

I am also happy that I had time to talk to my love through Skype, because right now he is in his birth town. I just couldn't resist to take a picture of him laughing :D  

And after all I managed to leave on time, but before that go with my dog for a walk :)

I wish you a great weekend :)  I will try to keep on blogging :))
Love, Press


  1. И аз отскоро се запалих по неоновият лак, до тук имам оранжев и вчера си взех жълт. Много са весели :D Иначе честити нови ботушки и приятно прекарване на почивката!

    П.П. Ауууу какъв сладур! И това бяло как му отива! Това е най- сладкото куче на света :D :D

  2. love those bright neon colors!:)

  3. nice nail polish colours!

  4. the colour of the nail polish is great!!!

  5. Hi!

    You got some great things during your shopping trip! love the colors of the nail polish. Following back =)


  6. Love the neon trend!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll follow you as well!

    Jess xx

  7. Nice nails!

    I have a giveaway right now, join if you want to! :)

  8. nice! :)
    do you mind following each other?


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